Voyage to Love retreats are organized in Cannes, France (late summer/autumn), Istanbul, Turkey (summer), and Hua Hin, Thailand (winter) each year. The retreat programme is based on the Voyage to Love Rebirth course teachings and is enriched according to the delights of each location. Please check out the courses section for in-depth information, ask Billur your questions and follow us on social media for your next adventure.

Voyage to Love Istanbul, Turkey

Come and join us in Istanbul to discover yourself and a city that lies between the East and the West and Europe and Asia. You will be pampered, amazed, surprised, and spoiled like a Sultaness. You shall travel along the infamous Bosphorus between two continents, have a Turkish hammam treatment to allow you leave your dead skin as well as your daily problems or worries behind, be part of an intimate experience of Sufi dervishes ritual, participate in a workshop on belly-dancing; shop in world-famous Grand Bazaar, and learn how to paint on water. Life will never be the same afterwards.

Voyage to Love, Hua Hin, Thailand

Come and join us in Hua Hin, Thailand to nurture your soul, learn ancient wisdom and practical techniques that will empower you to live from the heart. You will be enchanted and uplifted in the natural beauty of my favorite country. When I think of Thailand, I remember the smell of orchids lying under my feet, soothing serenity of chants coming from local temples, and kindness and graciousness of Thai people. It is the only place on Earth where I was able to heal my wounded soul almost a decade ago. Between morning sunrise meditations and evening practices, you shall explore Thai cuisine, get a famous Thai massage or reflexology, or visit local temples or simply experience timeless you in silence, peace, and harmony. Discover the jewels of your soul in Thailand and share them wherever you go.

Voyage to Love Cannes, France

If you strive to quiet your mind and listen to your heart, then the Silence in Cote D’Azur retreat is ideal for you. In the enchanting beauty of the Mediterranean and southern France, Billur’s guidance will empower you to feel the peace you always dreamt of having in your heart. Many of the teachings will take place on the magical Ile St Honorat island where the monks lived in silence since the 5th century. Ile St Honorat is a place of prayer, silence, interiority, and beauty. Explore the meaning of famous quote by mystic Persian poet Rumi “Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation” and utilize this wisdom to live a life with peace, joy and gratitude. French culinary delights and organic wines produced by the monks on the island, Billur’s secret meditation sanctuaries along the coast and an exceptionally rich cultural and artistic life in Cannes will delight your senses inside and out.

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