Voyage to Love

Voyage to Love

You are aware or not, you are a “Voyager of Love and Light.” Like everyone else…Sooner or later, we shall all turn our beings toward Love….just like sunflowers turn toward sun.

Voyage to Love concept and philosophy emerged during Billur’s rebirth journey around the world. Voyage to Love is a lifestyle that consists of heart-full living techniques, daily practices, and secrets Billur learnt during her three decades of spiritual explorations around the world. Whether it is a yoga posture, a Tibetan breathing technique, a deep relaxation method or a Sufi practice of painting on water to live in the now, Voyage to Love is a commitment to live from the heart.



Prepare yourself for an exceptional journey of self discovery with Billur’s foundation courses. Say goodbye to your past and follow your heart into your future. You shall not only start your spiritual quest but you shall be empowered to heal yourself and loved ones with your new visions and expanded horizons.

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Explore a new way of being and experience a “rebirth” for the life you always wanted to live. Live like a Sultaness in Istanbul or nurture your soul in Thailand or discover the art silence in Cote D’Azur. Transformative, informative, and joyful, these retreats are once a lifetime opportunity to start your voyage to love.

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Billur Suu

Billur’s books, heart poetry, courses, retreats, transformative talks, and Voyage to Life lifestyle products are all you need to be inspired and bring power and love back to your life. Contact Billur to share, learn, dare, grow, evolve, and join a network of voyagers of love around the world.

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Blissful Living Artifacts

Start your Voyage to Love with exclusive products hand-picked and utilized by Billur from around the world to help you to feel good each day, inside and out. From Voyage to Love essential oil blends of Tunisia to hand-woven yoga and meditation carpets from Kyrgyzstan to energy-balancing hair bands from Turkish villages or your baby Alpaca meditation shawl from Peru, these products will help you to center yourself and express your feminine power and creativity.

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