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billursuuA voyager of love, a poetess of the heart, a soul doctor, a Phoenix, a woman like every other woman. That is how Billur describes herself. A student of life, a teacher of compassion, a speck of light in the vast Universe.

Billur does not walk on water (yet) but paints on water. At age of 6, she realized that she was born to be happy but felt squeezed by her religion, gender, culture, class and social obligations of Turkish society. At the first opportunity, she spread her wings and flew away in search of meaning of life and purpose of her existence. United Nations expert, Ivy League professor, women’s rights specialist, poetess, writer, lover, mother, wife, soulmate, yogini, soul doctor, spiritual awakener, voyager of light are just a few roles she played for the last five decades. Describing herself more of a student of life than a teacher, she founded Cannes School of Happiness to help other women to live authentic lives from the heart.

In 2015, Billur was caught off guard when she found herself in the vortex of a drama she could not see coming. An accident immobilized her daughter for months; her husband left overseas for work where he literally went through a “madness period” due to the onset of andropause and started running after girls who were decades of his junior. Her own menopause was just the cherry on the top of the cake. She had to bear all symptoms of “irritable man syndrome”, stay strong to save her family, care for her daughter back to health and be the healing bridge between her daughter and husband.

After a year spent in emotional turmoil, she hit the invisible wall felt by millions of other women. For the first time in her life, she felt she did not love herself or who she had become with this life crisis. Her 50th birthday around the corner, she sold her diamonds and left solo for 50 days around the world. To re-define herself…to re-discover herself…to give birth to herself.

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That journey not only saved her life but she re-discovered who she “really” was: a voyager of love. Passionate about helping other women and sharing her amazing transformation from darkness to light, Billur started writing to heal herself. The Woman Who Sold Her Diamonds and Became a Voyager of Love in 50 Days around the World is an odyssey of her travels to Bhutan, Ayers Rock, Tahiti, Machu Picchu and Santa Fe. She is now dedicating herself full time to write other books on love, relationships, and parenting. Billur shares her wisdom and inspiration with other women during spiritual discovery retreats she organizes in five continents.

I Love Myself, Voyage to Love, Rebirth, Silence in Cote d’Azur, Healing with Water and Heart-Full Living are Billur’s signature programs providing guidance to fellow voyagers of light and love. She lives wherever life takes her with her daughter and her husband whom she describes as her muse, soulmate, lover, torturer, and best friend. You can most likely meet Billur at an airport or in an airplane but she occasionally lands in Cannes, Istanbul, Hua Hin, and New York. Billur has a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations from Istanbul University. She studied Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in the city of New York graduating with a Master of Public Administration degree.

She later obtained a Ph.D. in Social Policy Analysis from Columbia University where she was awarded many prestigious fellowships such as Fulbright, IREX, Burns Scholar Award, Musher International Fellowship, and Jewish Educational Foundation Awards among others. She was listed in Who’s Who In the World 2009 edition for her work on empowering women in Central Asia.

You can learn more about Billur’s diverse and enriching professional accomplishments and her three decades of dedication to making a difference in the lives of women at and invite her to your next event to amaze and inspire your audience with Billur Suu stories of hope and compassion.


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