“A novelist is someone who is so moved by her experiences that she cannot bear them to disappear into oblivion.”

Murasaki Shikibu, 11th century Japanese poet and novelist

This is exactly the story of Billur’s rebirth as a writer. Within few weeks after her Voyage to Love, the following book titles were born in an effortless flow from her pen. Billur knows that these books are nectar for her as much as for other voyagers of love whose hearts have been wounded and healed again.

Billur’s books are her gift for those who choose to create love, beauty, and harmony no matter what life challenges are on our paths. In Hazrat Inayat Khan’s words “some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” Billur choses the second option and hopes that in reading her books, you will be inspired to live from your heart to bring light and joy to others.


Click on the titles below and discover how you can live your life from the heart as a voyager of love.

Voyager of Love

The Woman Who Sold Her Diamonds and Became a Voyager of Love in 50 Days around the World

Divorce? Suicide? Finding a new lover? Staying in bed forever? For one year, Billur considered these options, feeling defeated by life. In one year, she had gone from being a cherished wife and adored mother to someone broken in thousand pieces. A sudden onset of andropause had turned her husband into a skirt chaser and a human being she could not recognize. Facing her own menopause, she felt herself thrown into the garbage, not needed, not loved. Then one day, she hit the invisible wall felt by millions of women.

She sold her diamonds and set off to a 50-day around the world trip just before her 50th birthday. To re-define herself…to re-discover herself…to give birth to herself. Bhutan, Ayers Rock, Tahiti, Machu Picchu and Santa Fe nurtured her beyond her imagination with thrills, spiritual lessons, adventure, enchanting encounters, and magical messages from beyond and above. Did she ever recover her wounded soul? Or solve the puzzle of the drama? Did she gather enough courage to forgive?

The woman who sold her diamonds has a lot to teach us about life, love, and relationships.

Loving You Until the Last Drop

Loving You Until the Last Drop: 50 Love Poems for 50 Days Around the World

Billur had no other choice than bearing her soul in ecstatic heart poetry during her husband’s madness period that lasted almost a year. Feeling squeezed by a fire triangle between her husband and daughter, she woke up almost every night in tears between 3 and 4 am and opened the gates of her soul. Between reason and passion, Earth and heaven, she became a lovely pendulum in a woman’s body and a rainbow piercing the clouds.

The result is a bonfire of feelings that we call love from pain to longing to anger to oneness. Erotic, passionate, and soul-full expressions of a love story unveiled in 50 heart melting poems.

The Road to Success

Discover the secrets of America’s #1 success coach Jack, Billur and 50 other leading entrepreneurs how to lead a successful and happy life.

Billur joins Jack Canfield, the creator of the Chicken Soup for Soul series and the Success Principles author, to reveal a roadmap to success with other leading entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world. Billur’s chapter is titled “The Woman Who Sold Her Diamonds: My Voyage to Love and Success” where she reveals her secrets and techniques of healing her heart. In this chapter, you shall discover a woman’s exceptional journey from darkness to the light of her soul. Billur will inspire her readers to cultivate love, beauty and harmony and awaken to the divinity within during this voyage to love called Life.

The Road to Happiness: Women’s Wisdom on Love, Life, and Margaritas

Every woman has an untold story in her heart. In Maya Angelou’s words “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside.”

This collective book project is the result of Billur’s desire to help other women to tell their stories and change the world one story at a time. Stories told, lives changed, voices heard, inspiration shared. This is what this book is about. Billur won a best-selling author award for this book in Hollywood in 2018.

Bhutan: Happiness Country Uncensored

The last heaven on Earth, a mystical spiritual kingdom in the Himalayas…a country of divorced mothers, recovering addicts. These descriptions all fit Bhutan. 

The picture-perfect image of Bhutan shatters for Billur before even she sets foot on its soil, thanks to a conversation she has with a Bhutanese woman on the plane. The Bhutan you shall encounter in this book is uncensored, unvarnished, and full of spiritual insights, just like the woman who wrote it.

Aşk Olsun da Gerisi Hikâye

Gerçek aşk tutkuyla başlar, şefkatle büyür ve seni ilahi aşkın huzuruna getirir. 

Nasıl mı? Yanıtını Billur’un başına kelebekler gibi konan yüzü aşkın şiirlerini derlediği bu kitapta bulacaksınız.

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