A broken relationship is the ultimate test of love, above all self-love.

Did you know that there is actually a museum dedicated to broken relationships in Hollywood? It was established to help people to let go off the remnants or traces of those broken relationships. Easier said than done. We all carry the scars and doubts that come with a broken relationship and particularly romantic relationships if we thought that we had found our “better half”, “Soulmate” or “the love of our lives”.

Who has not cried over a love affair that halted suddenly or prematurely or in an unexpected manner? We all cry but it is also up to us to ensure that those tears were not shed for nothing. In Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan’s words “God breaks the heart again and again and again until it stays open.” Next time you feel that your heart is broken, remember these words and accept that it is simply a reminder for you to love yourself more, better, deeper, and holier. Not sure how to start loving yourself?

Billur’s signature I Love Myself course delivered to hundreds of students of Cannes School of Happiness is all you need to start your journey to self love.

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