If it is real love, it starts with passion, grows into compassion, and brings you to the presence of divine love.

This is the journey of love, real love, eternal love, beyond you and I love, I love you anyhow, anywhere, anytime love. In a way, the phrase “real love” is oxymoron. If something is real, it is love and if it is love, it is real. It cannot be otherwise. But we humans make such a mess out of the word “love”.

Love is a voyage to ourselves, to our hearts, to our essence. It may start in the company or mirror of another but it sooner or later, it leads to an enchanted land where you are all alone, at the gates of eternity or in the dark night of your soul. You start loving the other person but if you stick around long enough, during rain and shine, good and bad, winter and summer, joy and cry, then you become love yourself. Then there is no giving love or receiving love, no measuring or counting love. You are love. Sounds too complicated?

Join Billur’s Voyage to Love circle and discover how easy love and loving can be.

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