There is nothing more dangerous in the world than an unloved child. Each heart seeps out what it holds inside. You may be fooled by someone who puts on a lot of masks. Or you are afraid to be who you really are and you hide behind your masks to protect yourself.

But sooner or later, the illusion has to come to an end and the spirit longs for healing, for expressing unmet needs and desires, for setting herself free. To be whole, the shadow has to get out and play and follow the light. It is the same with an unloved child. He has to come out, scream, demand acknowledgement, rebel, hurt, perform cruel deeds so that he gets attention, he gets love, he gets light to heal his wounded soul.

The surprising fact that an unloved child starts throwing his tantrums at the point he feels the most love, acceptance, and security in his life. If you are an aware being and partner, you understand that it is an SOS. At this point, an unloved child may attack you, undermine your self esteem and self worth, or simply abuse you. It is up to YOU and only YOU to step out of that zone and look at the drama from outside. If you can do this, it helps the unloved child and it helps you too. Confused about how to stop a drama you are in with an unloved child?

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